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Forever 9 by Love Carissa was added in May of 2022. Carissa was 9 years old when she tragically drowned in a river in Maine while swimming with several adults. She did not have a life jacket on. On May 4, 2022 Carissa would have turned sweet 16. She would have been interested in dancing driving, prom, winter carnival, and all the things teenage girls LOVE! Her mother is a single mother and would have struggled to afford the perfect dress that Carissa would’ve chosen.

Knowing Carissa as we did, she would have picked something less appealing to her to alleviate the financial strain on her mother, or pretended that that event did not interest her. Passing up some of the greatest milestones and memories a teenager gains in these events. Recognizing the financial impact that would have had on Carissa’s memories is why we decided to expand our water safety programs to prom dresses! Every young girl should have the opportunity to go to prom regardless of their parents ability to pay for a dress.



Each year the first Saturday in May we kick off National Drowning Awareness Month and Scooters forever 9 Birthday with a poker run and charity auction. We partner up with Country Crossing in Horton, KS and work to raise money and drowning awareness.

Each year we refill our existing stations with life jackets for use by the public FREE of charge. We also are working to build a new station each year. This year we are unveiling our newest station at Perry Lake!!

If you would like to support us by donating, volunteering or participating, please contact Shannon at 620-875-9200


American Legion Post 225 10114 Old Town Trail
Ozawkie, KS 66070
“The Legion by the Lake”


Formal Swim lessons reduce a child’s risk of drowning by a staggering 88%. Many families in Kansas simply cannot afford this. We are collaborating with local schools who will help identify needs through their reduced and free lunch programs.

Every child is valuable and we want to make sure we can put life saving skills in the hands of as many children as we can! Please donate today.



Here are the forms for our Pilot Christmas Program. Please get these back to us ASAP so we can give everyone time to participate.

This is a new program for us so we really need support to make sure every child has a Christmas. Carissa would want every child to experience the joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Thank You.